Almost every meal requires using some kind of cooking equipment- whether a saucepan, a stock pot, a skillet. Dining Room Set could well be one of the most frequently used implements in your kitchen, be they discount cookware sets, stainless steel cookware sets, wholesale cookware sets or cookware waterless set. Even if you were to buy cheap cookware sets, or the highest rated cookware sets, it is hard to go wrong with these sorts of cooking implements.

Discount cookware sets could well be available at 50 $ for a basic set to over 500% for the highest rated cookware sets. Since the cost is directly rated to craftsmanship, you would find that anodized aluminum or copper cookware sets bearing riveted handles would necessarily carry a higher price tag than if you were to buy cheap cookware sets. Yet, they are custom – built to withstand a lifetime of everyday use, with most wholesale cookware sets carrying with them a warranty of five years, and the higher rated ones offering a lifetime warranty.

professional copper 10-piece cookware set

Professional copper 10-piece cookware set

How to Shop for Cookware

While selecting cookware, you need to consider the following, before making smart and versatile choices:

Cooking habits

Are you cooking for a family or for just yourself? Having the right size cookware set would help you in preparing the correct quantity of food. What type of food will you cook and how often will you use the cooking equipment? How much food would be cooking, and do you do a lot of entertaining? Do you like to mostly eat out, or buy convenience foods, or do you like to prepare your meals from scratch?

Is space an issue?

Generally size and price are inter-related, but the larger differentials in prices are due to the materials used in making the cookware. Stainless steel cookware sets or polished aluminum cookware sets for example, would cost less than a cookware set made from anodized aluminum or copper

The Budget

How much can you spend on the pots and pans that you purchase? It would be smart to purchase the best quality cookware set, as it would be worth the cost in the long run.


Do you like to cook a lot of pastas, stir-fries and soups? There are specialty pots and pans for cooking these kinds of food items.

What Are the Metals Used in Making Cookware

Cookware sets are made from a variety of materials each offering its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Cookware sets are usually made from aluminum, cast iron, copper, stainless steel, or anodized aluminum.

Aluminium cookware sets

 Blue Diamond Non-Stick 5pc Cookware Set, Aluminium

Blue Diamond Non-Stick 5pc Cookware Set, Aluminium

These sets are quite inexpensive, and come with the offer of even heating capability. Be sure to buy those aluminum sets that have been either coated with a non-stick surface or have been specially treated, as otherwise they could react with certain foods and impart a metallic taste.

Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

Delicious Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 10-Piece

Delicious Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 10-Piece

These are also relatively inexpensive, attractive to look at, and easy to clean. They do not react with the foods that are being cooked. Its biggest drawback however, is that it does not conduct heat evenly. But some manufacturers have managed to overcome this problem, by combining the steel with other metals – like aluminum or copper – in a layering effect.

Cast Iron cookware set

Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet Set

Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet Set

Cast Iron is a very good conductor of heat, and is the cook’s choice for both durability and performance. This type of pan is quite heavy, and requires special conditioning, before its initial usage, and over regular periods of time, so as to prevent rusting and sticking.

Cooper Cookware Sets

This type of cookware is the choice of the most discerning of cooks. It conducts heat far better than any other kind of cookware. It has a visually attractive appearance but requires periodic polishing and cleaning so as to maintain its beauty. It is also among the most expensive of the cookware sets listed.

Anodized Aluminium Cookware Sets

These belong to a category unto themselves on account of their extreme durability and hardness. They combine the benefits of aluminum’s even heating with the strength of the best heavy-gauge aluminum. Further, hard anodizing produces a surface which is more resilient and denser than regular aluminum.